Get Back an Hour Every Day with Les Watson

There just never seems to be enough time to get everything done. And you may reach the end of a week without feeling like you’ve accomplished anything important.

But the good news is you can get an hour back every day…when you think you can.

Gayle Lantz speaks with Les Watson, nicknamed “The Time Lord.” Les is an experienced productivity and time management expert based in Australia. He has been training and speaking in corporate, small business and individual markets for over 30 years.

Les is founder of Creating Success Coaching. His book is Get Back an Hour in Every Day.

As Les will explain, executives can get more time. One of the main ways has to do with the pace at which you make decisions.

This episode is especially relevant for executives who want to improve personal time management and productivity themselves. It is also valuable for leaders who want to help their team members do the same.

This is the time of year when people in the U.S. are preparing to lose an hour as they spring forward while people in other parts of the world gain an hour.  Either way, it is good to know you can get back an hour every day.

This episode covers:

  • Why decision making can be easier than you think
  • What keeps executives from being more productive and what to do instead
  • Self-awareness as a key to getting more time
  • The roles of leadership and discipline in time management
  • Techniques for getting ideas out of your head and getting more done


Get More Time (web site for Les Watson)

Get Back an Hour in Every Day (book)

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