Full Speed Ahead- Don’t Look Back

We all have a tendency to dwell on the past – replaying old stories, harboring regrets, fearing past mistakes will repeat. But overemphasizing the rearview mirror can undermine your confidence, energy and ability to lead effectively and live your best life.

Gayle Lantz offers advice on how to shift your focus forward as you bring this year to a close.  As she explains, “Your time is now to step into the vision of the future you want to create.”

This forward-looking episode covers:

  • Problems with overemphasizing the past
  • Why we get stuck looking backward
  • The “future success visualization” exercise
  • Ways to interrupt team complaining patterns
  • Tips for fueling a strong start to the New Year

The key is embracing the present moment and boldly stepping into your desired future. As Gayle explains, you do that by “revving up your reasons” — noting all the reasons you can achieve the success you want. 

She challenges listeners not to let yesterday take up too much of today.

What vision of the future is calling you? What past patterns or stories are you ready to leave behind? This episode will inspire you to bring clarity of purpose into the New Year.


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