Body Language- The Secret Language of Effective Leadership with Greg Williams

Body language is an essential yet often overlooked leadership skill that conveys hidden meanings beyond spoken words. Mastering body language elevates leadership and makes communication more effective.

Gayle Lantz speaks with body language expert, Greg Williams, known as “The Master Negotiator.” Greg has studied and practiced negotiation strategies for over 30 years and spent 20+ years specializing in how body language impacts outcomes.

Greg is author of “Negotiating With A Bully”, “Body Language Secrets To Win More Negotiations” and five other books on negotiation and reading body language. He has been featured in major media such as ABC, FOX, MSNBC, CNN.

This episode covers:

  • The critical importance of body language for leaders
  • Common misconceptions about body language
  • Tips to display body language that projects confidence and openness
  • Ideas for reading the room through observational awareness
  • Key differences between men and women’s body language
  • Adapting your body language style for virtual environments like Zoom
  • Where leaders should start to improve and easy ways to increase body language awareness

Greg emphasizes that body language conveys hidden signals that shape perceptions, making it essential for leaders to understand the messages they may unknowingly send. As he says, “Remember, you’re always negotiating!”


10 Rare New Body Language Secrets for Successful Leadership


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