From Trauma to Transformation with Abbood Tamimi, The Soul Warrior

Trauma is something that many people have experienced, yet it is rarely talked about in the context of leadership.

This episode is especially relevant for any leader who has experienced some kind of trauma personally or for leaders who want to support other people in the organization who have experienced trauma.

Gayle Lantz speaks with CEO, Abbood Tamimi, about what it really takes to turn a difficult or painful past into a bright future.

He explains the impact of trauma on your leadership, whether you’re a corporate executive or entrepreneur.

Abbood is CEO of Soulpreneur and has had extensive experience as a successful entrepreneur including many years working in corporate America in the financial services industry. He is co-founder and CEO of 3Mushrooms Telecom. He is also a certified executive leadership coach and an international author.

His book is The Soul Warrior: Four Powers to Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Drive.

In this episode Abbood shares his own compelling story of abuse and transformation to provide hope and ideas for others who may not recognize exactly what is holding them back. His message inspires others to achieve their full potential and find personal fulfillment.

This episode covers:

  • How to connect with your “inner leader”
  • Understanding what trauma truly is — past and future trauma, the vicious cycle
  • 4 factors that are part of the solution to working through trauma
  • Discovering gifts in trauma


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