Creating a Compelling Vision to Inspire Your Team

Some leaders admit they’re uncomfortable with the conceptual thinking involved in visioning.

Creating a compelling vision can seem like an extremely difficult task.

But it doesn’t have to be.

The act of engaging your team in the process can make the process easier which leads to a better, more inspiring vision.

Visioning is a strategically significant activity that leads to higher levels of creativity, commitment and enthusiasm for your organization’s future. It’s one of the most important priorities for leaders at the top.

However, there are common obstacles that hold leaders back.

Gayle Lantz covers 10 common obstacles that keep leaders from developing bigger and more inspiring visions.

  1. Not giving adequate time or thought to the process
  2. Looking for perfection
  3. Ineffective process
  4. Engaging too few stakeholders
  5. “Ordinary” meeting environment
  6. Thinking too small
  7. Going through the motions
  8. Buzzwords
  9. Delegating responsibility
  10. Checking the box

She challenges leaders to address the obstacles that may prevent them from doing their best visioning work.

In addition, Gayle offers tips to help leaders who want to make the visioning experience better and more impactful.

Creating a unique visioning experience as opposed to following a traditional analytical process is key.

This episode covers:

  • 10 obstacles to creating an inspiring vision and what to do instead
  • The importance of visioning as more than an “intellectual exercise”
  • Tips on how to create an engaging visioning experience

Gayle Lantz is CEO of WorkMatters, Inc,. a management consulting firm that helps C-Suite executives achieve critical organizational transformation in record time. For over 20 years, she has worked with senior executives across industries who want to grow their business and increase their leadership impact. Gayle founded WorkMatters, Inc. based on the belief that work is one of the most important parts of life. WorkMatters  provides management consulting and organizational development services. Gayle also works privately with individual executives.

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