Going Beyond Your Limits with Wylie McGraw

Traditional approaches to leadership are broken, and many leaders feel pushed to their limits.

But exceptional leaders are going beyond their limits to achieve their fullest potential.

Gayle Lantz interviews Performance Accelerator, Wylie McGraw, about what it really takes to reach your full potential.

It’s not about gaining more leadership tips, strategies and processes to follow. Instead they are committed to living an optimized life.

Wylie is a former star pitcher, competitive bull rider and 3-tour combat veteran. Through those intense experiences, he discovered his superpower of being able to expose blind spots, to erupt and eradicate stress and fully unleash the untapped potential of high achievers.

He is founder of Radical Performance Acceleration where he has been doing life-altering work with powerful CEOs, entrepreneurs, leaders and public figures.

Wylie’s work is the equivalent to what could be called “Navy SEAL Training” in the area of high performance and leadership development.

This episode is especially relevant for leaders who want to end their cycle of stress, sacrifice and suffering that’s often associated with their levels of success.

The conversation offers unconventional insights to help leaders lead in the new paradigm and live their best lives.

This episode covers:

  • Why traditional approaches to leadership are failing
  • The importance of going beyond your limits to achieve your fullest potential
  • How to face the unknown and deal with discomfort
  • The need to face uncomfortable truths
  • The value of eliminating what keeps you from accelerating


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