How to Take The Break You Really Need

Many high achieving leaders need to take a break, but find it hard to do so.

During the Thanksgiving season, Gayle Lantz talks about how to take the break you really need.

It starts by paying attention to how you even think about the idea of taking a break.

She challenges the common view that many leaders have of themselves as the one to carry the heavy load or spin all the plates.

Leaders can and must let go from time to time.

Gayle shares a heartfelt wish for leaders to help them “do” less and “be” more.

This episode covers:

  • How to think about taking a break
  • The importance of wishing
  • Two questions to ask to help you foster gratitude, appreciation and good will
  • A resource for teams to help them focus in the New Year


The Leadership Journal: A Must-Have Goal Setting Guide for Leaders

By Gayle Lantz 

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