Avoiding Common Rookie CEO Mistakes

The path to the CEO role is different for everyone. When you arrive, you’ll inevitably make some mistakes—as does any leader who is new to their role.

But you can reduce your chances by knowing the kinds of mistakes to avoid.

Whether you’re in the C-suite or in any other kind of leadership role, you’ll benefit by understanding what it’s like at the top. Learn common mistake to avoid and what to do instead.

Smart leaders will learn from their own mistakes, and by observing mistakes they see others making.

Gayle speaks with Bill Miller, author of The Rookie CEO: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Bill shares a behind-the-scenes view based on his executive experience over the past 30 years in companies of all sizes from early-stage startups to multi-billion dollar multi-national companies.

This episode covers:

  • Examples of CEO experiences that should have been avoided
  • The “PPLC” Framework for leadership
  • How CEOs affect corporate culture
  • What CEOs may not realize about their impact


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