Controlling Your Anger and Frustration to Lead More Calmly

Stress is part of the job as a leader. There will be days when you want to scream.

But clearly that’s not the best approach to leading.

Leaders who are self-aware know how to manage their negative emotions. Or at least they’re working on it.

Gayle offers wise advice about what to do when you’re experiencing anger and frustration—inspired by her encounter with a mysterious creature.

One key to leading calmly is increasing your curiosity. She explores effective ways to do that so you can make a positive impact.

This episode covers:

  • Four most common sources of frustration at work that create leadership stress
  • The importance of using curiosity as a response to anger
  • Different techniques to manage anger and increase calmness
  • What to do with anger: Why to let it out and let it in


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