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Time to Detox Your Team?

How’s the weather where you are?
Not the kind of weather that you experience when you walk outdoors, but the weather when you walk in your office.
Earlier this year I had a conversation with an employee in a business that was really struggling. He said, “When I enter the office in the morning, I can feel the tension. People barely acknowledge each other.”
There’s an undercurrent that’s creating a toxic environment. He said people are out for themselves. They’re sabotaging each other. There’s no trust.
Over the years I’ve had similar conversations with a number of people in different industries and businesses of all sizes. Even virtual teams sense when negativity is in the air. As the volume of work increases, stress escalates too.

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Is Your Insecurity Showing?

“I thought I was ready, but had no idea what I was getting myself into.
What if I’m not really cut out for this?”
No matter how much experience you’ve had, it’s easy to doubt yourself and wonder if you’re “good enough” to get to the next level.
In working with many leaders over the years, I see their thought process as they contemplate ways to expand their impact and advance their careers.
Some are frustrated. They’re not moving fast enough into roles they think they deserve. Perhaps they have leadership blind spots.
(If you missed my Special Report on Overcoming Leadership Blind Spots, you can download a free copy here or below.)
They view their situation as something beyond their control.
“You have to know people at the top to get anywhere in this company.”
“I’ll just have to wait for my turn.

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The Elephant in the Room

It’s there. Sometimes sitting quietly while you maneuver around it in conversation. You’re hoping it might just go away.
Other times, it’s so big and blatant that it becomes your sole focus.
It’s the elephant in the room, of course. And it’s one of the greatest threats to your business.
In my consulting work over the years, I have realized that one of the greatest challenges facing executives is how to deal with the elephant in the room.
You may have missed that lesson in school. Unfortunately, many executives struggle in this area. Consider it an undervalued “leadership skill.

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