Twelve Quick Leadership Tips for 2012

What will be different about your business in the New Year? leadership

Start by taking a look at your leadership.

The more effective you can be in your leadership role, the better your chances for success.

Here are twelve quick ideas for your leadership “to-do” list (or “don’t” list) to help you achieve your business and leadership goals more easily:

1. DO set a higher vision for yourself and your business to achieve what’s most important to you.

DON’T settle for where you are now.

2. DO stick to what you do best to avoid burnout.

DON’T try to do everything yourself.

3. DO follow an objective selection process to avoid the pain and cost of hiring the wrong talent.

DON’T make gut level calls about hiring talent.

4. DO show appreciation to your team to keep them motivated.

DON’T think they know you appreciate them.

5. DO make a big decision that you’ve been putting off to help you move forward.

DON’T continue procrastinating on something important.

6. DO ask customers/clients what they really want so you can create more value.

DON’T make assumptions about what you think they need.

7. DO learn what you need to learn to stay competitive.

DON’T think you don’t have the time – or know it all already.

8. DO nurture your network to deepen relationships that provide mutual benefit.

DON’T just keep adding people to your network.

9. DO set yourself apart from your competition so you can play a different game.

DON’T be distracted by what your competition is doing.

10. DO manage your emotions so you can set the right tone for your team.

DON’T excuse yourself for bad behavior.

11. DO put solid systems in place to better manage your business — or yourself.

DON’T try to wing it anymore.

12. DO get out of your own way.

DON’T let your own fears or doubts stop you from doing what you know you need to do to make this year your best year yet.

The New Year is an ideal time to set new intentions and create new commitments for yourself and those you lead.

Borrow from the list above or create some items of your own.

Let the New Year spark new thinking and growth for you and your business.

I look forward to serving you in the New Year! 

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