The Inside Job of Leadership with Brenda Bence

As a leader, there is pressure to project a confident image to the world and prove external success.

But the real work of a leader begins within–developing the mindset and beliefs that serve as a foundation for impactful leadership.

Gayle Lantz speaks with Brenda Bence about the “inside job of leadership” and why it matters.

Brenda is a globally recognized Executive Leadership Coach and Motivational Keynote Speaker.

She is a former Fortune 100 executive with a Harvard MBA among other achievements.

Having been responsible for billion dollar brands, she makes the correlation between branding and leadership…both start from the inside out.

Brenda’s book is The Forgotten Choice: Shift Your Inner Mindset, Shape Your Outer World.

This episode covers:

  • How to create long-term sustainable positive change in behavior
  • Why behavior change alone doesn’t work
  • What’s really required at higher levels of leadership
  • The importance of breaking through the “leadership threshold”
  • The value of self-awareness and a suggested exercise to increase that awareness


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The Forgotten Choice: Shift Your Inner Mindset, Shape Your Outer World
by Brenda Bence 

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