Prioritizing Your Mental Health – “Look Around, Look Within”

May is Mental Health Awareness month. This year’s theme is: “Look Around, Look Within.” 

Gayle Lantz shares important findings and insights on mental health as it relates to leaders.

Managers are feeling significant pressure in their roles. Gayle offers ideas and actions to help you maintain your own mental health in your management role and promote mental health in your organization. 

According to The 2023 State of Workforce Mental Health published by Lyra.

  • 27% ranked “work-related managerial stress” as one of the top three factors impacting their mental health
  • 64 said their mental health affected their ability to do their job over the past year (vs. 57% of non-managers)
  • 30% said they’re actively looking to change employers over the next year (vs. 22% of non-managers)

Gayle explains that your own mental health as a leader can impact your decision-making abilities, communication skills, and overall performance. If you are struggling with your mental health, it can negatively affect your team’s productivity and morale, so you’ve got to prioritize your mental health to effectively lead and support your team.

She suggests actions for leaders to take to promote a positive mental health environment at work and for themselves.

  1. Encourage people on your team to share their own tips and experiences regarding mental health issues…how they have overcome challenges.
  2. Plan educational event of some kind to learn more about mental health issues.
  3. Plan a social event to build connection and community so people do not feel alone.
  4. Connect with nature. Bring in more natural light.
  5. Modify your physical office space and/or own personal workspace to create a better physical working environment if needed.
  6. Foster mindfulness allowing people space and time to reflect.

This episode covers:

  • Sources of stress and challenges unique to leaders
  • The importance of normalizing mental health issues
  • “Do’s and Don’ts” for leaders who want to create an environment that fosters mental health while taking care of their own
  • Specific action ideas for you and/or your team to implement to focus on mental health in the workplace
  • Mental health resources that are available for leaders and managers


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