Practicing the Power of Positive Expectation Every Day

Studies show the many benefits of positive thinking and it’s not just a matter of viewing the world through rose colored glasses. 

Maintaining a positive state of mind is especially important for leaders who are under a lot of stress. But developing a positive mindset can be difficult to put into practice.

Gayle Lantz offers perspective on what leaders can do to create and maintain a more positive mindset by practicing the power of positive expectation every day.

This episode covers:

  • Possible empowering beliefs to internalize
  • Two key factors that make it difficult to practice positive expectation
  • The power of gratitude and appreciation
  • Ways to practice positive expectation every day 
  1. Catch yourself when you “go negative.” 
  2. Catch other people when they “go negative.” 
  3. Watch extreme language (e.g., always, never).
  4. Feed your mind and soul with uplifting thoughts, sources of inspiration.
  5. Limit your exposure to the negative. 
  6. Actively look for the good in everything.

Gayle challenges leaders to turn beliefs into action that can make a difference in their life and work.


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