Leveraging AI – Your Experimentation Imperative

AI is revolutionizing how work is being done, and clearly creating exponential change. So leaders who embrace AI sooner will position their organizations for greater success in the future. 

Gayle Lantz believes that leveraging AI requires “an experimentation mindset” and that it is possible to leverage AI in a good way. As she explains, “…it takes an unrelenting willingness and determination to experiment.” She also advocates increasing the frequency and pace at which organizations and their teams experiment.

Leaders play a critical role in the process. They can model experimentation themselves and help create cultures of experimentation–an environment in which experimentation is encouraged and rewarded.

She invites listeners to reframe failure and consider much of what they do, or create, to be “an experiment” to help get the most out of life.

This episode covers:

  • The experimentation imperative, especially regarding use of AI
  • What leaders can do to promote experimentation by modeling it themselves
  • How to create a culture of experimentation
  • 7 experimentation mindset tips: 
    • Just start
    • Move fast
    • Detach from a specific outcome
    • Be eager to learn
    • Give yourself grace
    • Share your learning
    • Repeat the process


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