Leading With Authenticity and Purpose with Fortune 500 CEO Keith Demmings of Assurant (Part 2)

This episode continues Gayle Lantz’s conversation with Keith Demmings, Fortune 500 CEO of Assurant. They go deeper into the future vision and growth strategy for this global leader in risk management solutions. 

They also explore the importance of authentic leadership.

This episode covers:

  • The mindset shift required for constant evolution
  • Celebrating innovation to build momentum
  • Being willing to fail fast and pivot
  • Investing in startups to understand emerging business models
  • Keeping focused on core competencies
  • Bringing intentional disruption to stay competitive
  • Communicating as an authentic leader
  • Balancing work demands with personal downtime

Listen in to learn how fostering a culture of innovation, leveraging people’s strengths, and maintaining customer centricity enables both transformation and excellence in execution over the long-term. With decisive clarity of purpose and relentless commitment to customers, Keith is leading Assurant into a bright future.

About Assurant:

Assurant is a leading global provider of comprehensive risk management solutions for the automotive, lifestyle and housing protection sectors.  Operating in 21 markets globally, the company partners with some of the biggest brands in the world to manage risks of property damage, liability and financial loss, theft and natural disasters.  As a B2B2C enterprise, Assurant designs insurance, protection products and support services that help businesses provide premium customer experiences to their end consumers – through a combination of digital intelligence and expert human insights, so people can take full advantage of living in a connected world.



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