Igniting Game-Changing Growth with Pam Harper & Scott Harper

When you’re trying to lead game-changing growth, it’s easy to hit roadblocks and wonder, “Why can’t we make faster progress?”

But when leaders understand there are three “Growth Igniter Paradoxes” at play, their organizations become less vulnerable to disruption. They can increase their impact and accelerate new growth.

Gayle Lantz speaks with strategic growth experts, Pam Harper and Scott Harper. 

Pam Harper is Founding Partner & CEO of Business Advancement, Inc, a strategic growth advisory firm based in NYC metro area. She’s a trusted resource for CEOs, boards, C-suite executives in  entrepreneurial, mid-market and Fortune 500 companies. Her insights have been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Investors Business Daily, FEI Daily and other media.

She hosts Growth Igniters Radio, a widely praised podcast series. Pam is also author of Preventing Strategic Gridlock.

Scott Harper is senior partner with Business Advancement, Inc. He is a visionary innovator with impressive background in the consumer healthcare industry. He helps leadership teams accelerate the connection between their vision and actual business outcomes. 

This episode is especially relevant for visionary leaders who want to break status quo, foster innovation, and ignite game-changing growth.

This episode covers:

  • Three Growth Igniters Paradoxes (Visionary Paradox, Success Paradox, Momentum Paradox) –Untangling the knot
  • The value of understanding multiple stakeholder perspectives 
  • Why leaders should embrace and actively seek out sources of resistance to change
  • The importance of starting new conversations–to help stakeholders feel ownership in the process for game-changing innovation, transformation and growth

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