How to Ask Better Questions When There’s a Problem

As a leader, people come to you with problems. And problem solving can feel like a heavy weight.

But it doesn’t have to–when you learn how to help generate positive thinking.

Gayle Lantz offers ways for leaders to approach problem solving in new ways. She stresses the importance of helping people move toward what they want — as opposed to concentrating on what they don’t want.

Facilitating positive thinking is key. It is something that leaders can model to those they lead.

Using language strategically and asking questions that create positivity is a skill leaders can develop.

Leaders can empower other people by being deliberate about questions they ask when problems occur.

They can ultimately turn problem solving into opportunities for positive change and transformation.

This episode covers:

  • The power of positive thinking in a leadership role
  • Questions to ask to help determine the real problem
  • Questions to ask to help set a positive tone and move people toward what they really want
  • The challenge for leaders to get to the heart of what inspires them in their own role


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