Exploring Psychological Safety with Maura Barclay

Psychological safety is a topic that has gained popularity over the past few years. More organizations aspire to create cultures that are psychologically safe. The topic is sensitive and complex. 

A psychologically safe culture ultimately contributes to greater productivity and the bottom line. It helps employees open communication and build greater trust. Psychological safety impacts team performance and organizational performance by creating a space where people feel like they are included and belong.

Gayle interviews psychological safety expert, Maura Barclay. 

Maura explains the critical role leaders play when it comes to creating a culture of psychological safety. She describes some of the challenges they face creating it for themselves.

Many leaders are making psychological safety a high priority while others believe it is being used inappropriately. 

About Maura Barclay:

Maura Barclay is a former professional firefighter, a certified Change Management Specialist and Talent Optimization Leader with Predictive Index. She is a published author with more than 15 years of consulting experience as a speaker, curriculum designer, trainer and executive coach. Maura has had the privilege of bringing her thought leadership on psychologically safe cultures to Fortune 500 companies, the US Military and the International Monetary Fund among others. 

This episode covers:

  • The definition of psychology safety based on The Fearless Organization by Amy Edmondson
  • Indications of psychological safety (e.g., reporting mistakes)
  • Misconceptions about psychological safety (e.g., avoiding accountability)
  • The importance of witnessed feedback
  • The necessity of diversity in leadership
  • Why “listening tours” fail
  • Why you need to put a domino in the room

This episode helps leaders explore the concept of psychological safety so they can create psychologically safe cultures in their organizations. 



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