Asking Smart Questions to Expand Your Leadership Impact

Leaders can easily do a lot of firefighting on the job, responding to the crisis of the day or getting stuck in the weeds.

In some cases, they feel like they have no choice. They are frustrated unable to do the work that really matters. They want to make a bigger impact.

But they struggle to make it happen.

Gayle Lantz shares insights for leaders who want to expand their impact.

A variety of issues and events have created greater urgency for people to rethink what their work even means and the difference they want to make (e.g., pandemic, “quiet quitting,” burnout, mental health issues).

Gayle challenges leaders and their teams to have more conversations focused on desired impact as opposed to traditional status report meetings.

Leaders who continue to expand their own potential will make the greatest impact.

This episode covers:

  • Clues that you are ready to do more impactful work
  • Key questions to ask yourself personally to make a greater impact and do more fulfilling work
  • Key questions to ask your team to help them expand or deepen their impact
  • Determining how you measure impact
  • A special message to Gayle Lantz from Steve Jobs

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