Celebrating a Big Milestone!

Celebrating big milestones is important in leadership and life. But celebration alone is not enough. Capturing lessons learned along the way benefits you and other people with whom you share your lessons.

Gayle Lantz celebrates her 100th episode of CEO on the Go Podcast. So this episode captures her reflections on podcasting, gratitude to listeners and leadership lessons that can apply to anyone.

She shares her mission and the importance of doing work that matters. Some of the lessons she covers include: believing in yourself, expanding your comfort zone, imagining your future, creating new relationships and being motivated by your own mission.

Gayle started the podcast as an experiment in July, 2020 during the beginning of the pandemic. Since then she has recorded 100 weekly episodes designed to help leaders and executives think differently, solve big problems and inspire change.

Episodes focus on personal and professional growth, leadership effectiveness, team dynamics and business success. They represent short solo-episodes as well as special guest interviews.

This episode covers:

  • 5 key lessons learned on her podcasting journey
  • Suggested questions to ask yourself to help you be most successful
  • Interesting statistics on podcasting and the challenge to become more familiar with current statistics in your own field
  • The importance of celebrating milestones

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