How to Develop Your Change Mindset to Win

How do you feel about change? If you’re like a lot of people, you might dread it. Or resist it. Or be exhausted from it.

But as a leader, you’ve got to anticipate change and even create it. 

In this episode, Gayle Lantz offers insights and actions for leaders who want to develop a change mindset and/or help others do the same.

Many people naturally resist change. It appears in the form of sarcasm, missed meetings, criticism and even sabotage.

Leaders who exercise their change mindset as a muscle are better prepared to navigate continual change and disruption. Change is not one-and-done. It’s ongoing.

“Change” can be a trigger word to many people, so Gayle offers ideas on how leaders can help their teams be less threatened and more engaged in the change process itself.

This episode covers:

* The importance of holding empowering beliefs about change

* Three key qualities in leaders with a strong change mindset 

1) Willingness to learn something new

2) Focus on what they can do versus can’t do 

3) Optimism about the future

* Words and language to facilitate change more easily

*  Suggested actions to take to build your change mindset 

*  The changing role of leaders (“old school” leadership model versus new leadership) 


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