Turning Things Upside Down

After a year of feeling like forces beyond your control are happening to you, it’s time to turn the tables and turn things upside down – in a good way.

But it requires building internal leadership strength and stamina.

As a leader, you must be willing to look at people and problems from different angles.

Get out of your comfort zone to see a new view.

Strengthen different parts of yourself, your leadership, your team or organization.

Gayle offers counterintuitive advice for leaders who are seeking stability and normalcy.

This episode covers:

  • What it really takes to build leadership and personal strength
  • Important lessons learned from her own experience working on a crazy stretch goal
  • What to do when you can’t reach your goal
  • The value of new perspective and getting the support you need


Resource for you and your team

Leadership Journal: A Must Have Goal-Setting Guide for Leaders

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