The Real Reason You May Feel Exhausted

A lot of people are complaining about feeling exhausted. And there are many possible explanations.

Some of the most common reasons include lack of sleep, “COVID brain” or working too many long hours.

But the real reason may not be what you think. It has more to do with HOW you’re working.

This episode promotes the importance of playing to your natural style and strengths.

One problem is that many people are not even aware of their own natural way of operating.

They’ve become conditioned to go about their work in a way that conforms to what other people do, perceived expectations or what the organizational culture seems to reward.

The idea that work can be easy, or at least easier, goes against the more popular thinking that “work needs to be hard” or “no pain, no gain.”

Gayle Lantz offers perspective to help people question how they’re working, increase self-awareness and ultimately find their flow to do their best work.

Exhaustion is an indicator that something needs to change. She promotes the idea that work can actually be easier and energizing.

This episode covers:

  • Common misconceptions about the idea of work
  • Examples of people working in misalignment vs. alignment
  • The value of increasing self-awareness about how you’re wired
  • A simple exercise to identify more (and less) of what you want so you can modify your work accordingly
  • Hope for finding more ease, eagerness and energy in your work


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