The client, a senior executive of a department in a large insurance company, was concerned about a team that seemed to be on the brink of anarchy. Team members were complaining about the manager who was ignoring the issues, avoiding conflict and disengaging himself. The team was plagued by lack of trust, low morale, finger pointing and burn out.

Given the team’s dysfunction, the department was losing productivity and becoming known as “the problem department” within the organization. They sought Gayle’s help to get the team “under control” so they could work together effectively, achieve the business goals and re-establish the department’s reputation. They needed to get on a better track quickly before they completely derailed.


Gayle conducted 360 degree interviews to assess the situation and worked closely with the manager one-on-one and the team for 6 months. She led a special strategy meeting to engage the team in a way that helped them orient around a new vision and objectives for the department. Through her facilitated process, including assessment services, she drew out issues that were most important to address and worked through the challenges constructively.

Coaching the manager one-on-one helped him see new approaches that increased his leadership effectiveness. He identified strengths he could leverage and blind spots that he needed to address. The team and manager committed to new and better ways to work together. A year later they are continuing to show impressive results that impact their own work satisfaction and how they serve their customers. The manager’s improved level of engagement with his team was one critical factor that contributed to their success. See what Gayle offers for Team Development.