When to Stop Fixing Problems

When to Stop Fixing Problems

Last summer I looked out the window after a storm and saw one of the tall arborvitae trees in our garden tilting to the right. At one point it almost touched the ground.

In an attempt to save it, we tried to stake it. But after the next big wind, it started tilting to the left.

Each day I’d look out the window wondering in which direction the tree would be leaning. Always fun to have an element of surprise in your day. With all the swaying back and forth, the tree roots were coming out of the ground.

The tree was hopelessly unstable, but for months I tried to stabilize it with ropes, stakes…pushing, pulling and occasionally yelling at it, which didn’t help.

After consulting an arborist and landscaping experts, it was clear the tree needed to be removed.

  • I had become fixated on the weak tree so I was neglecting other plants in the garden that needed attention.
  • I was spending too much time trying to do quick fixes without addressing the root cause. (pun intended)
  • I really wasn’t enjoying the garden with so much concern about the rogue tree.

As a leader, I’m guessing you can relate. There’s always something that needs “fixing.”

Be careful about where you spend your time and how much energy you devote to people, projects or situations that are beyond repair.

Invest wisely in people and resources that show strength and promise.

Your landscape will change over time, but your leadership is the constant that will inspire growth.

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