Reduce Your Decision Fatigue to Increase Productivity

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all the decisions you have to make, that’s especially common among leaders. 

Decision fatigue occurs when your mental energy is depleted after making many decisions. And it can happen to even the most decisive leaders.

But there are approaches to combat decision fatigue that can help leaders minimize the downside and recover more quickly.

Gayle Lantz shares her perspective on decision fatigue and how to deal with it most effectively.

As Gayle explains, even trying to make one difficult or high stakes decision can take a toll if the decision process is taking too long.

Being a decisive leader who can make effective decisions more quickly is important given the increasing speed of change. Decisiveness is a desirable leadership quality.

There are actions leaders can take in advance to avoid decision fatigue and lessen the impact when it occurs. For example, making tough decisions in the morning, implementing processes and systems where possible and simply taking a break when you need it. Minimizing micromanaging helps as well.

This episode covers:

  • Impact of decision fatigue
  • Distinctions between decision fatigue and indecisiveness
  • Common ways to reduce decision fatigue
  • Less common approaches to reduce decision fatigue
  • Ways to become more decisive if needed


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