Not Loving Your Job?

It's Valentine's Day. While love may be in the air for couples, it's often missing when it comes to your job.


Many people dutifully go to work while leaving their hearts at home.

The reasons are varied. Here are some common concerns I hear:

"I feel undervalued."

"The compensation structure doesn't reward my work."

"I'm burned out."

"There's no growth opportunity."

"I'm working for a 'bad boss'."

"Management doesn't care."

If you are the boss, you've got your work cut out for you trying to figure out what it really takes to engage and retain employees. As I've written in previous articles, it all starts with a simple conversation between you, as the manager, and the employee. Great managers take the time to better understand what their individual team members care about so they can leverage their skills and interests in the business.

If you are an employee who hates your job (for whatever reason), you need to have a heart-to-heart conversation with yourself. 

What commitment will you make to move yourself in a better direction? Don't wait for "just the right time" or for anyone else to make the first move. You owe it to yourself to reflect on where you are and what you really want, so you can pave a new path within or outside your organization.

If you leave your heart home long enough, you may forget what really makes it tick.

Today is a good day to reconnect with what really matters to you so you can bring more of that to your work. 

What do you really want in your work, now?

Start doing or pursuing the work you love.

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