Not Another Meeting

Scheduling another meeting? Think twice.

Whether you’re running the meeting yourself or you’re at the mercy of someone else in charge, make sure you really need to be there. And if so, make it count.

Given the shift to more virtual work, it’s time to rethink best ways to meet.

Gayle challenges leaders to assess the effectiveness of their meetings and offers ideas to help meetings be more productive.

She also announces her role in a bold new docu-series called The Social Movement where she will be working with other CEOs and entrepreneurs to solve an impossible world problem.

This episode covers:

  • The shift from “attending meetings” to “creating experiences.”
  • Dangerous motivations for attending meetings
  • Tips for making your meetings more productive and worthwhile


Watch the Teaser:

The Social Movement (TV Series)

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Leadership Journal: A Must Have Goal-Setting Guide for Leaders 

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