National Speakers Association UNConference – Ideas Worth Noting

Just returned from the National Speakers Association (NSA) UnConference in Atlanta and wanted to capture some quick random key learnings and observations for you. They can apply to almost any type of business:

  • Listen well first, before you speak. You'll be a better speaker. 
  • The opportunities that can be created through social media are mind blowing. Social media will continue to change. Don't fight it. Just roll with it. 
  • The most successful people in business invest much in themselves — in their own learning and development. 
  • People want to do business with others they trust, who have credibility and can minimize the risk of doing business with them. These are elements of "thought leadership" as well. 
  • Writing is a discipline that can fuel your business. 
  • Read incessantly to deliver the most value to your clients. 
  • Sometimes a simple tweak in your business can produce extraordinary (and surprising) results. 
  • Your market wants to hear from you when you have something to say that speaks to their specific needs. Let your voice be heard. 
  • Take action, but be strategic. 
  • Reinvention is a good thing. If you're not reinventing yourself or your business, you may be left behind.
  • Surround yourself with people from whom you can learn and be inspired. (That's what I did over the weekend!)
  • I hope these thoughts help you do something new, or reinforce what you're already doing, to grow your business.

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