Measuring Leadership Strength

WorkMatters Tips Issue #9 – December 5, 2006
Publisher: Gayle Lantz
A quick tip to help leaders and executives who need to motivate their teams and themselves, and catapult their business.

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Measuring Leadership Strength

Thinking about big goals for the New Year? It’s like starting a new race on a fresh course. Whatever your goals and whatever path you take, there’s one constant you’ll need to succeed: strong leadership.

In the midst of the holiday season, you don’t have much time to focus on leadership development. However, you can give yourself a jump-start for the New Year by taking a minute to assess where
you are now.

See how you score when you consider these three "C’s." On a scale of 1 to 10, rate yourself and/or your organization’s leadership as whole in these areas:

    * Clarity
How clear are you on the overall priorities and strategic objectives of your corporation or firm? Has your leadership team discussed specific goals within the last 30 days? Is the message from the top clear or vague? Can  you state in one or two sentences what’s most important to the organization in the coming year?
    Clarity Score ___

    * Capability
Do you have the talent you need to accomplish your goals?  Where are the gaps? What are the specific skills and  behaviors you need to be successful? How is your leadership bench strength? Will you be prepared to address future challenges, opportunities, competitive threats, market changes, business growth, innovation, new technology, etc.?
    Capability Score ___

    * Commitment
How strong is your level of commitment? What evidence of commitment do you see in your organization’s leadership? Will leaders stay? Are they engaged in their work? Are they determined to be a positive influence and create outstanding results?
    Commitment Score ___

So, what is your overall score? The higher the score the better. Know how you rank in these areas so you can decide what to improve when you’re ready. Get ready for an exciting race in the New Year. If leaders are operating with strong clarity, capability and commitment, your organization is more likely to win its race. No matter what, be prepared to win yours!

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