Let the Sparks Fly! Midyear Motivation for Leaders

Around Independence Day it’s a fitting time to ignite some leadership fireworks of your own. This special episode explores how you can spark meaningful connection, inspiration, and renewed energy to supercharge your second-half of the year performance.

As Gayle Lantz explains, great leaders are like pilot lights – always ready to illuminate the path for others. But even pilot lights need an occasional re-ignition. If you’re feeling a little burned out or stuck in a midyear rut, this episode offers a simple framework to reignite your leadership spark.

Gayle focuses on three key areas, represented as the “Three P’s”, that can help you move from fatigue to fuel:

People: The quality of your relationships drastically impacts the quality of your life and your leadership momentum. Gayle shares insightful perspectives on appreciating uplifting connections while establishing boundaries with draining ones.

Place: Your physical environment has a powerful, often underestimated effect on your energy levels. Discover how to optimize your space or seek out alternative locales to renew your vigor.  

Passion Projects: Engaging in activities you’re passionate about outside of work can be an incredible source of rejuvenation. Gayle offers over a dozen inspiring examples to stimulate your thinking.

By purposefully tending to your People, Place, and Passion Projects, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can turn the smoldering embers of midyear burnout into a radiant blaze of leadership momentum. 

Join Gayle to spark the insights that will keep you shining bright through year’s end and beyond!


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