Keys to Leading Your Team Through Change- A Coaching Perspective

Leading change is one of the biggest challenges for leaders today. In this episode, Gayle Lantz offers a coaching perspective on leading through change more effectively.

Drawing from her extensive experience coaching executives, Gayle shares practical tips and advice that can inspire positive change within organizations. She emphasizes the importance of shifting mindsets and beliefs surrounding change, acknowledging resistance without taking it personally, and focusing on the “why” behind the transformation.

Gayle underscores the need for clear communication, acknowledging small wins, and aligning teams around shared goals and roles. She encourages leaders to seek support when needed, engage their teams early in the process, and, most importantly, stay inspired themselves.

Throughout the episode, Gayle reminds listeners that creating change is not just about inspiring others but also about personal growth and self-transformation. She invites leaders to reflect on their own patterns, habits, and ways of thinking that might need to be interrupted to model the change they wish to see.

Packed with actionable insights and real-world examples, this episode serves as a valuable resource for leaders seeking to navigate change and transformation with confidence, resilience, and a growth mindset.

Tune in to gain fresh perspectives on:

  • Reframing beliefs and assumptions about change
  • Strategies for addressing resistance and engaging early adopters
  • The importance of communicating the “why” behind change initiatives
  • Tactics for maintaining momentum and acknowledging progress
  • The role of self-awareness and personal growth in leading change

Whether you’re embarking on a major transformation or seeking to cultivate a more change-ready culture, this episode offers a coaching perspective that can help you inspire positive change from the inside out.


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