How to Energize Yourself When You Feel Exhausted

Leaders are feeling exhausted, tired or fatigued. And there is a lot of advice on what to do to gain more energy…tips on what to eat or drink, ways to move your body or get more sleep.

While there is much you can do physically to gain more energy, there are also ways to energize yourself through the power of your mind.

Whenever you feel lack of energy, it is an opportunity to do some internal exploration to discover more of what energizes you now–possibly something different compared to what it might have been in the past.

Instead of dwelling on what’s zapping your energy, you’ve got to look more closely at what brings you more energy…at what you want instead of what you don’t want.

Gayle Lantz stresses the importance of generating energy internally as opposed to looking outside for answers. She offers two simple questions to ask yourself when you lose energy:

  1. What would I think or do if I felt more energized?” This question requires using your imagination which can be a powerful force to help generate new ideas and new energy.
  2. “What am I paying attention to?” This question helps you become more deliberate about putting your focus on what energizes you. It’s a decision.

This short episode is designed to help leaders stay more energized so they can be at their best leading their teams and organizations.

Ultimately they can energize others and make a more positive impact.

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