Moving in a New Direction: How to Deal with Naysayers

“We’ve done this kind of thing before. Nothing ever changes.”


That will sound familiar when you’re trying to create important change in your organization.


Whether you’ve been in your leadership role for many years or you’re new to the organization, you will encounter skeptics.


Naysayers are inevitable.They play an important role by helping you strengthen your resolve. You don’t necessarily need to prove anything to them. You just need to stay clear and steady as you fly.


It’s tempting to try to override their negative attitude or dismiss their perspective. Instead invite them into the conversation. Let them know their ideas and concerns are being heard.


Allow naysayers to engage in the process to the extent they want to. Let it be their choice.


They can fly with the pack or leave the flock.


Meanwhile focus more heavily on the people within your organization where there is natural positive energy–a willingness to consider new ideas and approaches to help the organization move forward. Those catalysts may be hidden, so you’ll need to seek them out.


Cast a wide net to engage many different types of stakeholders.


Your momentum will come from those who are actively engaged and who genuinely care about the future of the organization.


You’ll be surprised to find that immediate shifts can be made. The process doesn’t have to be arduous.


Successful change is not something you mandate. It happens organically through the culture you deliberately create. And culture is created by the kinds of conversations you have with the people who matter most–those you lead and serve.


It’s an ongoing dialogue. Don’t get rattled. Be resilient.
Keep moving…


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