Hold on Tight When You Go Fast

Many leaders are struggling to keep up with the fast pace of change. And they are being tapped to move into new positions without much notice.

It is easy to feel unprepared, overwhelmed — like you’re losing your grip.

But those leaders who maintain a strong trust in themselves and their teams fare best.

They choose how they want to view a situation and set a tone that makes people want to be along for the ride. When everything around them seems to be shifting, they hold onto their values, people and beliefs that build strength.

Based on her experience zip lining in the Dominican Republic, Gayle Lantz offers leadership lessons and reassurance to leaders who feel like change is happening too fast.

She encourages leaders to chart new territory, stay open to the unknown and keep people moving toward the next mission.

This episode covers:

  • The importance of setting a lighter tone in difficult situations
  • What to do when you can’t see the end goal
  • Embracing the unknown and ups and downs
  • The value of positive expectation
  • Trusting yourself in the process

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