Figuring Out What’s Next for You – Part 1

Wondering what’s next for you? As a senior leader, you’ve probably invested time, energy and resources trying to figure out what’s next for your organization.

But it’s likely you haven’t taken time to think about yourself—what’s next for you.

I have a timely conversation with John Lees, one of the UK’s best-known career strategists.

John is author of 15 books on work and career management. He shares important insights based on his extensive expertise and experience helping others in different phases of their careers.

Whether you want to move up or out, now is the time to explore new possibilities—start another business, step into a new role or launch a movement.

This is Part 1 of a two part series.

This episode covers:

  • Why COVID isn’t the real reason prompting interest in career change/growth.
  • What barriers keep you from moving forward
  • Ideas about reinvention versus career change
  • Where to put your attention


Reading recommended for senior executives…

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