Creating Leadership Momentum Through Mastermind Groups

If you feel isolated in your leadership role, you’re not alone. The global pandemic has created new challenges for leaders and increased the need for real connection with peers experiencing similar issues.

That’s why leaders are turning to mastermind groups.

A mastermind group is a unique place to get objective perspective, feedback and ideas to help you move your business, team or yourself forward.

Mastermind groups can be structured in different ways. And there are many variations in the form of executive round table groups, executive peer groups, accountability groups, etc.

Gayle shares her expertise and ideas to consider to make the most of your masterminding experience.

This episode covers:

  • What a mastermind group is and what it is not
  • Benefits of leading or participating in a mastermind group
  • Different types of mastermind groups
  • Key characteristics of ideal mastermind members


Mastermind Groups: Quick Launch Kit

By Gayle Lantz (Available on Amazon Kindle only)

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