Celebrating 200 Episodes: A Weekly Voice to Make Leading a Little Easier

In this reflective episode, Gayle Lantz shares the top 10 lessons she’s learned from her podcasting journey that can directly apply to your leadership and personal growth.

From the discipline required to show up consistently to the power of staying in the flow, trusting the process, and embracing authenticity, these insights offer a unique window into Gayle’s approach as both a podcaster and an executive coach. 

Listeners will discover:

  • The surprising secret to Gayle’s prolific content creation
  • How to find the right guests to elevate your audience 
  • Why monetization isn’t the primary driver for this podcast
  • 10 transformative lessons covering discipline, expansion, detachment, and more
  • Encouragement to bring more lightness and authenticity to your leadership journey

Whether you’re a long-time listener or new to the show, this milestone episode provides a valuable distillation of the wisdom Gayle has gained from recording 200-episodes. There are more to come.

Tune in to glean insights that will fuel your own growth as a leader.

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