Breaking Through the Invisible Barriers that Hold You Back

At times you’re so close to reaching your goal that you can almost reach out and touch it, yet there’s something that prevents you from getting it.

You probably think you know what’s getting in your way. But there are invisible barriers that could be keeping you from reaching your goal (or at least impeding your progress). They may be harder to detect.

Gayle Lantz shares insights to help leaders who want to identify and break through the invisible barriers that hold them back. Many are personal internal barriers that have to do with the way in which a person views a situation or themselves.

She cautions leaders about jumping too quickly to blame external circumstances or other people for being the barrier. Instead they can look within themselves for more answers. Leaders should question what seems to be evident and look for less obvious sources that hold them back.

In some cases, barriers may not necessarily be a bad thing. She illustrates that point by sharing a personal example related to her dog and applies lessons for leaders.

This episode covers:

  • Great questions to develop more self-awareness and uncover invisible barriers
  • Examples of invisible barriers
    • Glass ceiling
    • Mindset
    • Attitude
    • Culture/Environment
    • Elephant in the room
    • Personal blind spots
  • Murphy’s Law
  • The importance of managing yourself and staying focused on what you can control
  • Breaking the barriers versus accepting the barriers

Gayle encourages leaders and their teams to explore whatever could be in their way and take action to address it. 

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