Achieving Your Goals

By now you may have already established some new goals for
the New Year. However, setting goals is only one step in a process. Here are
some suggestions for getting some traction on your personal or business goals:

  • Develop a plan. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Some people don’t achieve their goals, even though they have defined them well, because they haven’t figured out what actions to take or what process to follow to achieve them. They may not have the right systems, tools or people in place to do what they really want to do.
  • Share your goals. Identify five people with whom you can share your goals. You may know people at work and/or in your personal life who would be willing to support you in some way. Think about people in your social circle, family, professional network or mastermind group. Some people will simply be able to offer moral support while others can offer concrete ideas, suggestions and helpful feedback. Seek out a mentor or coach if needed.
  • Track your goals. Note any milestones or measures of success that would help you know you’re making progress. Schedule regular checkpoints with yourself or with someone else if you need more accountability.
  • Tweak your goals. If something’s not working, don’t give up on your goal entirely, adjust it. Do what you can to make progress. Sometimes just making progress can lead you in a new, different and better direction that you hadn’t considered before. 

Whatever you do, take some kind of action today or this week
to move you closer to your goal. What will you do by when? It may be just one
simple step in the process of change or forming a new habit. When it comes to
achieving your goals, taking action gets the most traction! 

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