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My Daily Coach

Make 2017 your best year yet
with a little coaching
…every day.

What if you could get clear and stay focused—all year long?

My Daily Coach is a mobile app designed for busy leaders who want to grow their business and themselves.

Developed by Gayle Lantz, founder of WorkMatters, Inc., My Daily Coach helps you gain insight, prompt action and achieve results—one day at a time.

Let Gayle guide you as you navigate your own path as a leader.

A dose of inspiration and practical thinking each day will help you be most successful in your leadership role.

Coaching in less than a minute a day goes a long way.

“Simple but powerful tool.  Today’s inspirational coaching tip on this app was “Do something important early today.”  How interesting that just the words of a strong coach can motivate us toward success. I look forward to these daily action triggers Thanks for  a great and simple application!” ~Gary Rifkin

About Gayle Lantz

As an executive coach, Gayle has worked extensively with leaders at all levels for many years. She originally produced the popular My Daily Coach page-a-day Calendar as a tool for clients to use for leadership development and personal growth.

Now it’s back—as an app.

And it’s yours—for FREE!

Kick-start your day with a little question or thought to help you achieve big results.

A short message from Gayle will be waiting for you each day.

It’s simple, smart and within your budget.

Get started today!

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