It’s that time of year to celebrate what you’ve accomplished with your team. Generate positive energy for the year ahead.

If you’re like many executives, there’s a lot at stake. You want your team to be excited about what’s to come. You want them to be ready to conquer, together. But you’re not sure the best way to do that.

Leaders are trying different approaches.

Some are revisiting the company vision. But that’s not enough.
Some are explaining their new goals or strategies. But that’s not enough.
Some are talking about new company benefits. But that’s not enough.

One of the most important things to do is to assess the strength and cohesiveness of your team. It doesn’t matter how lofty your goals are if the team isn’t firing on all cylinders.

Being busy is easy. Consistent teamwork that produces excellent results is tough.

Just one weak link can jeopardize your results.

You don’t necessarily need a formal assessment. In many cases you can simply take an informal pulse.

Here are three areas to assess with your team:

1. Clarity: How clear are team members about top priorities as a team? How clear are they about expectations in their respective roles?

2. Capabilities: What are the most important capabilities needed as a team now? What are the strengths and capabilities that each team member brings?

3. Commitment: What is the level of commitment to true teamwork? What commitment do team members have to each other? What level of commitment do they have to their own learning, growth and development?

Test these areas by having the conversations you need to have with your team as a group or one-on-one as appropriate.

With the current war for talent, you must do more to engage your team and make sure team members are getting what they want in their work. It all starts with conversations that show you care.

At the end of the day (not just the year), employees want to know their voices are heard, they are valued and their work matters.

Talk with your team now. You’ll start the New Year with an energized team that’s ready to win.

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