Consulting & Coaching:

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Gayle provides strategic consulting to senior level executives who want to growth their teams and organizations.

Strategy Development & Planning: We help take the pain out of the process and achieve better results by engaging stakeholders differently. Develop a clear compelling vision and strategy that’s effectively communicated.

Cultural Change: Organizations trust Gayle to help them create the environment that brings out the best in their talent. Gayle’s innovative approach speeds the process.

Talent Management: We support organizations that want to be strategic about how they are attracting, developing and retaining their talent. Today employees want a career development path. Services support the lifecycle of employees: From hiring to capacity development to promotion and succession planning.

Leadership Development & Mentoring Programs: Gayle brings leading edge ideas. She works in partnership with the leader of the organization to fulfill leadership imperatives and assist with managing organizational transition. She helps instill performance accountability at all levels.

Assessment Services: Assessment services are an integral part of our projects. A variety of powerful assessment tools are available to serve your needs.

Sample Case Studies

For more case studies, visit: Case Studies
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Gayle offers private coaching services to CEOs, senior executives and business owners all over the world who are highly motivated and mission driven.

Typically, these people want to grow their business and leadership. Some are planning some kind of transition in their work, role, life or business. They are looking for a path that will lead to greater personal fulfillment and/or rewards that are most meaningful to them. They often have a creative spark and drive to make a bigger impact.

Coaching services are delivered in person and/or virtually. Typical engagements last at least 6 months to a year. If you think you are a possible fit, contact Gayle to discuss her availability and private coaching service offerings.