What Race Are You Winning?

Sometimes even the most successful, accomplished executives don’t understand the race they’re running. They lose sight of where they are trying to go. Some are on the path to burnout.

Yet they’re conditioned to keep running, even beyond a finish line… So they keep going.

Inspired by this year’s Kentucky Derby, Gayle Lantz shares leadership insights about what it really takes to lead in your business and live your best life.

The good news is you can run the race that’s right for you when you have the right view.

Recognizing you’ve already won is key.

This episode covers:

  • The importance of settling yourself down after your race to take the break you need
  • The risk of trying to keep up with others instead of running your own race
  • Resisting the urge to assign blame when something bad happens
  • The value of rest, staying present, celebration and choosing your own pace
  • Removing obstacles versus complaining about obstacles on your path
  • Believing in yourself even when odds seem to be against you

This episode is especially relevant for leaders, owners, entrepreneurs or executives who push themselves too much and need a break.

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