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Propel your career to new heights so you feel more fulfilled and energized doing the work you really want to do.
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WorkMatters for Women

Special services and programs for women executives and women leaders.
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WorkMatters Leadership Academy

For organizations that want to attract, develop and retain their top performers.
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Case Studies & Special Projects

See client case studies and examples of special projects
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How to Run a Productive Company Retreat

A Guide for Executives Who Want Insights about Off-Sites

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Special Report: "When
Generations Collide"

Are Generational Clashes Hurting Your Company?

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Make better hiring decisions. Develop your talent.
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The Mastermind Groups: Quick Launch Kit

A comprehensive resource for consultants, coaches or other entrepreneurial types interested in starting or running mastermind groups.

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Take the Bull by the Horns: The Busy Leader's Action Guide to Growing Your Business...and Yourself

Learn More About Happiness at Work
#1 Amazon Bestseller

According to Globoforce’s Spring 2014 Workforce Mood Tracker survey, 71% of employees in their first year at a job love it, but only 55% said the same about their second year. Learn More