Informal Masterminding

Sometimes getting results in your business doesn’t require
an official mastermind group that meets regularly. Although meeting regularly
with the same people can be extremely valuable, you may have an issue that
you’d like to get quick feedback on from a couple of people. Try this informal
approach when you need quick advice on a pressing issue.

Rather than making calls to each one-on-one, ask each person
if they’d be willing to speak with you at the same time, on the same conference
call, to discuss a specific issue or challenge. Of course, invite them to share
a problem or challenge as well so you can reciprocate. Naturally if you already have an existing mastermind group, you can easily draw on a couple of members.

There’s power in threes. You’ll get stronger support and reinforcement compared to speaking with just one other person. You’ll also
get multiple perspectives to help you make better business decisions. Another benefit is
that you can help the other two people build a networking relationship they may
not have had before.

Getting Feedback

In my work with executives and business owners, they often express the desire for feedback. It’s tough to get objective feedback on a regular basis, but mastermind groups are a great way to meet that need.

In your own mastermind group, be sure to attract members who don’t know each other well. It’s likely to improve the quality and objectivity of the feedback you receive. If you’re facilitating a group, devote some meeting time to generating feedback for participants you know need it most.